Fun Facts About Names and A Thank You!

Hi all! Today is Fun Facts About Names Day  a day where people are encouraged to learn about the meaning of their names and the history behind them.

When Dakota first joined our family his name was “Tanner.”  Now, there is nothing wrong with that name, but to me, it just didn’t suit Dakota. I had liked the name “Dakota” for years and when I looked up the meaning, it said “Trusted Friend.” (that was the American Indian meaning and I am too lazy to look up what tribe it was).  That was it for me. I promptly named him Dakota.

 As for me…the name “Caren” means “Pure” and it says it is a “Swedish baby name.” I have also seen the name attached to “Catherine” since my parents spelled my name in a non-traditional form. The question is “Pure” WHAT? (That is a rhetorical question, no need to answer! lol)

So, what does YOUR pet’s name mean? What does YOUR name mean?

Also, we would like to thank those who stopped over to Dakota’s blog to wish him a Happy Birthday. We try extremely hard  to always acknowledge our friend’s birthdays by leaving a comment on their blog,  and we do it whenever we are aware of a birthday, so we DEEPLY THANK those who took the time to stop by. Dakota received some nice photos/cards that we are sharing in the form of collages.


Once again we thank you all so very much!! We have another thank you planned for Friday, (hopefully!) of something special that Dakota received in the mail.

To us, a 10th birthday is a pretty big deal, (for that matter, ANY pet’s birthday is a big deal!) so once again thanks to those who visited Dakota’s blog on his special day.




  1. ha Dakota, that means your mom and my mom row the same boat with da names. her mama thought it brings her good luck and she becomes famous with the name of da russian tsarina… and the same thought had the mom of her friend Liz, they were born the same year … but neither the Elizabeth nor the Katharina became famous and got no kingdom nor a crown…
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  2. Emma says:

    All three of us dogs have names Mom chose for us before we even came to live with her. The cats had different names since they came from the Humane Society. Naming can be a lot of fun, and there are so many choices out there.
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  3. Kismet says:

    As the saying goes, “You can call me anything your want except don’t call me late for dinner:.
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  4. T’is a perfect name for you. On my Gotcha Day (March 1) my Hu-Mom had a quote she loves by Rudyard Kipling about how we (woofies) are also “first friends … always and always” and I am quite sure you are just that! Always first, always trusted.
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  5. Sandra is a female name, which is often used as a short form for Alexandra or Cassandra. Alexandra is a feminine form of the male name Alexander, which is a romanization of the Greek name Αλέξανδρος (Alexandros). It is generally interpreted to mean “protector of man” or “defender of man”.

    The name Cassandra is also from the Greek (Greek: Κασσάνδρα: “she who entangles men”). Cassandra is known in Greek mythology, as the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She was loved by Apollo and given the gift of prophecy but when she did not fall in love with him, he placed a curse on her so that no one would believe her predictions. Source: Wikipedia

    Have a woof woof day, Dakota. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥♥♥
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  6. Well, Oz’s full name is Oscar and it can have two meanings – deer friend (as in friend of a deer – which I doubt Oz is) and/or God’s Spear. Can I just choose the second meaning since we like that one better??? I think Dakota is a perfect fit for your trusted friend, Caren!
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  7. How interesting! We love the meaning of Dakota! How perfect!
    (Whose real name is D’Azul’s Girl From Ipanema — call name Cameron. It’s a long story!)

  8. Bentley’s name means covered in bent green grass. Pierre means rock or stone and Melissa means honey bee. I guess we all belong in a garden. LOL!
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  9. Rachel says:

    Tanner is a nice name, but Dakota is perfect.

  10. Sully says:

    I don’t know what my name means but mom says it’s fitting.

    Aroo to you,
    Sully recently posted…Grey hairs?My Profile

  11. The name Dakota is very special in our family. Angel Dakota was our first Siberian Husky. Dakota was a girl. She was “Dad’s” dog (who quickly decided that Mom was pretty special too), and Dad wanted a name that was not too girly. With a bit of research, the humans agreed upon Dakota and she lived up very well to the meaning of her name. She was always a very trusted friend:)

    Woos – Lightning and Misty

  12. That is so cool. Well ours is self explanatory Fred and Wilma

  13. Well Dakota you and your mom have very nice names indeed!
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  14. Dawn says:

    Katie was named by her dad….I had a list of names for the new puppy, quite a long list. Katie wasn’t on it. I had names like Molly and Maggie and Cleo and Kristi and Becky and Nikki. He said when he was a kid his dad had a hunting dog named Kate and he wanted to name our new puppy Katie. I was good with that. Katie is too.

  15. I think you chose a perfect name for your sweet boy.
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  16. We love the meaning behind Dakota and we think you named him pawfectly. Happy Belated Barkday sweet pup!

  17. sara, oreo & chewy says:

    I had no idea that “Dakota” meant true friend. What a perfect name for a dog!

    Oreo means….well, he’s named after a cookie. LOL. And Chewy, is short for Chewbacca, because he looked like a hairy beast when we brought him home. He actually never chewed on anything inappropriate! He was actually the easiest puppy I’ve ever had.

    “Sara” means princess…or so I’ve always been told by my mother! I try not to let it go to my head. 🙂

  18. When we adopted Ruby her name was Ruby. We thought about changing it and even tried out some other names, but it just seemed to fit her so we kept it. My daughter named our cat Rosie – her middle name is Rose so I guess Rosie is kind of named after her. LOL
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  19. A belated happy 10th birthday, Dakota! Your name suits you perfectly. And thanks for encouraging my human mommy to do some quick name research. My name, Harper, has a Scottish origin and it means pleasant and brave. I’m definitely both. My little sister Tallulah’s name has a Native American Indian origin just like yours. It means leaping water. She’s definitely a leaper. 🙂
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  20. Aww, Dakota’s name suits him perfectly.
    bailey unleashed recently posted…daddy’s homeMy Profile

  21. Aww, that’s a PURRFECT name for a PURRFECT dog, sweetie! Love ya! 😺😺
    Purrfect Kitties recently posted…Spotlight Thursday – Meet Roxy and TigerlinoMy Profile

  22. I am Pocket because when I was little I could fit in Mommy’s Pocket.
    I am River Song named after a character on Doctor Who

  23. Teddy came with his name, but it suits him and he’s my sweet Teddy Bear. Luna, obviously means moon, but we chose it because she’s like Luna Lovegood from Hogwarts!
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  24. Clowie says:

    The meaning of Dakota is lovely.

    In our family us furries are named after things growing in the garden. I was almost Clover, but they decided it didn’t quite suit me. It was adapted to suit me better and give a nod to David Bowie at the same time.
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  25. Will says:

    A great part about pets is they don’t care what their names are, just as long as you love them!
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  26. Dakota my friend that is such an honor to have a name meaning Trusted friend.
    Happy Belated Birthday too!
    Hugs Madi your bfff
    madi and mom recently posted…TODAY…… a special day!!!My Profile

  27. What a fun post! Rooney is Irish for “red-haired”, which is perfect! Rachel is Hebrew for mother of lamb or ewe. Which is perfect, because I married a Sheppard!
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  28. Great post! And happy belated birthday! Hope you got all the happiness you wished for and then some!

  29. Great post! Also, happy belated birthday, Dakota!
    Hope you got all the happiness you wished for and then some!

  30. Thunder’s mom’s name was Dakota. 🙂
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  31. I think Dakota is the perfect name for him. When I adopted my golden retriever Savanna, that was the name she came with. It is not a name that I would have chosen, but I kept it nonetheless. I looked up the meaning of the name Savanna after I read this post and it means “from the open plain.” I don’t really think that has anything to do with Savanna’s personality, but there you have it. My name, Rachele, means “ewe” (a female sheep). Again, I don’t really think it has anything to do with who I am or my personality. But I like my name because it is different.

  32. Sam is a Hebrew name, but in the context of his AKA name (Yosemite Sam) seems incongruent. A cartoon character is more like the knuckleheaded dog and is the perfect name for him.

    Elsa was a German name (although it is also found in Hebrew) meaning noble or princess. Not sure about the princess part, I think she thinks she’s more queen-like, but noble works in the face of her illness.

    Personally, I can’t think of a better name for Dakota. It fits him to a tee! ღ
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  33. Hmmm, I, MJF, don’t truly know what my name means…Jack could be a diminutive of John, which means gift of God, or it could be from the Celtic which means healthy, strong, full of vital energy. I do have tons of that energy stuff, BOL! Freckles came because when I was a wee one, there were some pink spots on my schnooter, which eventually became all black as you see it now…but its all good, because my skin esp on my belly is all covered in freckles, BOL! My nickname is Sir Lick-a-Lot…but I do not think you need any explanation about that!

    Pipo is named after a kitty that belonged to my great auntie…that kitty was Dutch, and we have no idea where it came from…but when I googled it this is what I found:
    a boys’ name is of Hebrew origin, and Pipo means “Jehovah increases”.
    Wowee!!! Who knew! Pipo was brought into our furmily after we lost Toki…

    Minko, well when he came to live here he was dirty and stinky and almost white under that dirt…so petcretary called him a stinky-minky…which stuck and was changed to a more dignified Minko.

    Upon a google search we found this:
    Polish and Ukrainian: probably a derivative of a reduced form of the personal name Dominik (Latin Domenicus). Dominik means:Slavic and German form of Dominic. Dominic comes from the Latin word “dominus” meaning “our Lord” or “belonging to the Lord.

    Well, well! In this furmily least that is quite appawpriate!

    Petcretary is Ingrid. Ingrid is a Scandinavian, German, and Dutch feminine given name. “beloved; beautiful”
    I always thought it meant daughter…what a revelation!

    Pawppy is Gregory. This means ‘watchful, vigilant’…and yes he sure is!! He is a detail man!

    Dakota, thanks for getting petcretary to research all this fun stuff…we have been enlightened!
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