Dog Product Feature: DentaDish – “The Only Teeth Cleaning, Slow Feeding Dog Bowl” (Give-Away)

FROM DAKOTA’S DEN: I didn’t begin to test the bowl until a week before it was time to write this review. I received a DentaDish in exchange for my honest review, but noticed that I received a LARGE BOWL which  is recommended for dogs OVER 40 lbs. Dakota should have received a small.  (Dakota is under 30 lbs). He eats a much smaller quantity of food at each meal than a large dog would, so, I decided to share this bowl with you as a PRODUCT FEATURE as opposed to a PRODUCT REVIEW. (Receiving the wrong sized bowl is my fault and not the fault of DentaDish, I should have immediately looked at the size upon receipt, but I did not.) Because I didn’t have the right sized bowl to give a valid review, I did not want to mislead anyone by saying that this bowl works, when in fact with the wrong sized bowl, I cannot definitively say that it would without having tested it properly. I always want to be honest and upfront with all of you. I think the bowl looks fabulous and we will always share products that we HAVE USED AND LIKED, OR WOULD CONSIDER USING, OR THOSE THAT WE THINK WOULD INTEREST OUR READERS, EVEN IF WE HAVE NOT USED THE ITEM.

Let me tell you I am NOT a fan of going to the dentist! (This is the HUMAN talking!) I was just there a few days ago and spent a grueling 4 hours there! NOT fun! That being said, taking care of our teeth is extremely important, some dentist visits can’t be avoided, things happen, but some things CAN be avoided or managed with the proper care. The same is true for our pets.

I have always been an advocate of regular dental exams for my pets, starting with my first cat, who was genetically predisposed to having gum issues. My first cat had his teeth cleaned yearly.

Dakota had his first teeth cleaning at the Vet approx. two years ago, and a few months ago he had his second cleaning. I admit that when it comes to brushing his teeth, I am not as good as I should be. I am NOT alone.

From DentaDish:Oral hygiene for pets has often been looked at as a chore and is sometimes forgotten about completely. Many people don’t know that eight out of ten dogs show signs of oral disease by the age of three, and untreated dental disease can actually spread to a pup’s vital organs creating serious medical issues.

DentaDish is the easy to use, slow feeder bowl that actually cleans teeth while dogs eat. It helps prevent doggy dental and gum disease, which is the leading cause of many health problems including bad breath. Though typically dog breath isn’t taken as a serious problem, it is actually the most common sign of oral disease in dogs. DentaDish is the only dog bowl that is clinically proven to reduce the formation of plaque, tartar and gingivitis. Soft bristles on the inside of the bowl gently yet effectively clean teeth, slow down eating and help keep food in the bowl.

Slowing down a pet’s eating helps to reduce excess air intake and prevents bloating. Food bloat, or twisted stomach, occurs when a dog eats too quickly and gulps down a lot of air. The air turns into gas and causes the abdomen to swell, putting pressure on the heart, lungs, and other organs. Dogs who gulp down their food might also not feel satisfied which can cause over eating and begging. DentaDish’s soft bristles break up the bowls surface area, preventing dogs from being able to inhale their food. DentaDish can make mealtime last up to ten times longer compared to regular bowls.

DentaDish is made with food-safe materials and is both BPA and Phthalate free. The non-skid rubber bottom keeps the bowl in place, prevents spills and creates a firm grip on slippery surfaces. The durable, food-safe materials and co-molded construction make DentaDish safe for dishwashers. DentaDish comes in two convenient sizes and includes measurement lines (cups and grams) on the inside of the bowl to make sure the appropriate amount of food is served. The small size fits up to two cups of food and is recommended for dogs under 40lbs, while the larger bowl can fit up to four cups of food and is recommended for dogs over 40lbs.

DentaDish is the easiest most efficient way ever to feed dogs while helping to maintain good oral health and hygiene. 

Help keep your choppers healthy! Get a DentaDish now!

GIVE-AWAY!! DentaDish is offering one of our readers who resides in the U.S. the chance to win their own DentaDish! Entering is super easy, just enter on the Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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  1. it’s a super invention and much much better than our bowl where the stopper was the first thing what went off…
    easy rider recently posted…SELFIE SUNDAY (nearly)My Profile

  2. It is an interesting bowl and I can see how it would slow eating down and keep gums healthy. It would depend on the type of dog, having Newfs I think it would be difficult to use:)
    tylersat99 recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Theme SnowMy Profile

  3. Dougie’s food is gone in the proverbial “NYMinute” … this sounds worth our trying for him … weighing in now just over 65-pounds he’d definitely need the larger version. Hopefully it would help slow him down with the added dental benefit; thanks for the review …
    Ann Adamus recently posted…FRIDAY FRIENDSMy Profile

  4. Ooops, I hit a key (don’t know which one?) before finishing the entry form; hope we are still entered in the drawing, cause we would like to be.
    Ann Adamus recently posted…FRIDAY FRIENDSMy Profile

  5. Emma says:

    I have to say that dish looks a bit scary! My problem has always been that I eat extremely slow, so no need for more slowness, and I would probably just pass on my meal with a slow feeder dish. Bailie would have no trouble eating from it, but right now we are all eating nicely from our regular bowls. It is an interesting concept, though.
    Emma recently posted…Letters To Santa Christmas 2016My Profile

  6. Hmmm, it looks like a nice dish. Some doggie will be verfy happy to get it.
    mariodacat recently posted…Sometimes It’s Hard To Be ThankfulMy Profile

  7. Will says:

    Slow feeders are awesome, This one looks like it pulls double duty, which is great.
    Will recently posted…[VIDEO] You Can’t Stop Penny. You Can Only Hope To Contain Her.My Profile

  8. What a GREAT idea, cleaning teefs at every meal….that makes pawfect sense!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    Princess Leah recently posted…Friday Fank YousMy Profile

  9. Wow, that’s pretty cool. I would love to give it a try.

  10. Sand spring Chesapeakes says:

    That’s kinda cool!

  11. That is kinda cool and kinda scary looking BOL 😉 Our grams dog needs dat cause him has the hots breath and he eats too fast 😉

    Matt (& Matilda)
    Bell Fur Zoo recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  12. Lightning would benefit greatly from this bowl. He is a voracious eater and this would definitely slow him down.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty

    Pee Ess – tried to enter name and address and only got the name . Hit enter thinking it would do a hard return but it thought I was done:(

    • Dakota says:

      No worries!!! Sorry it gave you a hard time! If you are selected thanks for letting me know!

  13. In the “why the heck didn’t I think of that?!” category, this is a brilliant idea! I think it’s not a stretch to say any of us don’t like going to the dentist and I wish I were better at the brushing/flossing for both pups and this upright. Love tools like this to make dental care easier. Bless you. ღ
    Monika & Sam recently posted…The Countdown is onMy Profile

  14. Gosh, Dakota…what can I say except thank you from the bottom of my and Elsa’s paws. Mom will definitely put this to good use! Here’s to a lot less dental visits for dogs and uprights! 😉
    Monika & Sam recently posted…Wordless Wednesday ~ December 21My Profile

  15. Jenny says:

    Cool! I will have to think about Storm getting one because she just inhales her food, barely chews the kibble. I’m not sure if she would actually eat out of it or not though…. I think the bristles would maybe scare her or something.
    Jenny recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – New PetMy Profile

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