Book: Barbeque for Bulldogs by Chef Butch Waddles, World-Wide Give-Away!

Hi all!!  As many of you know who live in the USA, this is the weekend of some serious eating! January 31st is Super Bowl Sunday, probably the only day next to Thanksgiving where  humans do nothing but shovel food into their mouths and plant their butts in front of the TV with some SUPER loud friends and watch football teams (that usually they aren’t fans of), compete to win the ultimate title in football —the Super Bowl!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “bowl”, all I think of is a giant bowl full of FOOD…FOR…ME!

If you are like me, that’s what the word “bowl” means to you too! Woofies! I am here to help you out while your humans are busy eating and screaming at their TVs.

If you are regular readers of my blog you will know that I featured the book, Pastry for Poodles, back in October of 2014.

Pastry for Poodles is the  first in a series of 8 “gourmet” cookbooks  (“Cookbooks from The Canine Cuisine Team”) written for dogs by dogs.  (Yes! I am planning on featuring all 8 books!), Specifically, by the celebrity dog chefs from The Chow TV Network. (Check out their website here!)

While my pawrents are getting ready to make some spicy chili for tomorrow’s festivities, I thought it was only fair that the dogs have something tasty to get their paws  on, so I wanted to tell you about the second book in the series:



Barbecue for Bulldogs Cover

Meet Chef Butch Waddles, who has created  the recipes in BARBEQUE FOR BULLDOGS. 

FROM REAL DOGS COOK:Son of legendary pit king Clarence “Bull” Waddles, Butch is President of the South Georgia Hickory-Pit Cookhounds, and has earned lifetime achievement awards from both the Memphis Guard-Dogs of the Smokehouse and the Charlotte Litter of Inglorious Basters.

You can catch his weekly TV show “Barking for Barbeque” on The Chow Network (naturally), and he also has a nationally syndicated Saturday-morning radio call-in show, “Tell The Neighbors They Can bring Pie!”

If dishes like “Died-and-Gone-to-Heaven Backyard Ribs” (this is an ACTUAL PHOTO from Barbeque for Bulldogs!! Don’t these ribs look delicious???)


and “Drippin’ Chicken” get your mouth a-droolin’, you won’t want to miss his book!

Photo courtesy of Real Dogs Cook

Photo courtesy of Real Dogs Cook

See what I mean!!?? The photos will make you  toss your slow feeding bowl right out the window and dive right in!

Chef Waddles has even included his up-til-now-top-secret “Granny’s Lemon-Pudding Cool-Whip and Crunchies Pie.” Mm, mm, good!

I have to tell you my woofie friends when Mom and I looked through these recipes we were BOTH drooling!

Mom says that the cookbook is meant to be funny and IS funny! It is written in the same hilarious manner as Pastry for Poodles, with plays on words, sensational sarcasm and tail-waggin’ humor! If you are a foodie (and what woofie isn’t?), and your human likes to laugh and have fun, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!!!!

What captured Mom’s attention though, was when she was reading the recipes in Barbeque for Bulldogs, and she realized that they sound like they can ACTUALLY BE MADE! Mom is going to give a few of them a “go” if she can translate measurements such as:

  • 1 scoop brown sugar
  • 2 paws paprika (hmmm…could “paws” be a cup or a tablespoon?)
  • a swipe black pepper

Since I am a dog and understand those measurements, I guess I will have to help Mom out in the kitchen!

Because Mom is a HUGE fan of barbeque, she is going to try these recipes  and we will see if they DO work! is your lucky day!!! We are having a GIVE-AWAY, but if you can’t wait that long you can order:


Amazon paperback – $9.99 (or less) 

Amazon Kindle – $2.99 – 

Createspace eStore – paperback only – $9.99 – 



Amazon Paperback-$9.99 (or less)

Amazon Kindle-$2.99



GIVE-AWAY!! FIVE lucky woofies located ANYWHERE in the world can each win a copy of Barbeque for Bulldogs! Entering is easy! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below. GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. OMD! That sounds like a good and giggle making book! Not to mention the pawsibilities with yums!

    I shall have to get with working in the kitchen myself though, as BBQ is not big at our den…weird those peeps that live here…
    mrjackfreckles recently posted…Wordless ‘Weadiness’ WipeoutsMy Profile


  3. how cool is that – mid you those measurements could be a bit confusing – a paw of paprika could be a whole lot if it was a St Bernards paw compared to a little if it was a Chihuahua’s 🙂
    Reilly & Denny recently posted…Thank You the GBGV’sMy Profile

  4. Yum! Chase loves chicken! 🙂
    Chase the Sheltie recently posted…Chase’s One Year Blogiversary!!!!!!!!!! My Profile

  5. Oh that books screams my name. I love BBQ, and the best BBQ is grilled salmon or any seafood. That’s the best what we can do in our rainy area, because fishies adore all that water we always get from the sky :o)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog SHOP TILL YA DROP & FFHTMy Profile

  6. Jan K says:

    These books are fun! We have gotten these first two as well, and I look forward to the rest.
    Jan K recently posted…FitDog Friday – New Toy FunMy Profile

  7. Oh the furkids would LOVE, Love these cookbooks, they would have mom very busy in the kitchen filling bowls with good stuff!
    Cathy Connolly recently posted…~TNR, Trap Neuter Return and Disney World~My Profile

  8. KateV says:

    I actually hate barbecue, lol. At least barbecue sauce. I like old fashioned hot dogs and hamburgs on the grill, though, and that picture of the chicken above looks yummy!

  9. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Looks like a fun book!

    Jeff would not be able to use this cookbook. He has to measure EVERYTHING exactly. I keep telling him that baking is a science(measuring required), but cooking is more like writing an essay 🙂

    I rarely measure anything, so I think I could use this book.

  10. Our favorite bbq is anything tender and delicious! (especially beef!)
    2 Punk Dogs recently posted…Snow DayMy Profile

  11. Sounds like a fun book. I guess it is one way to write a cook book since so many recipes are on the net now. 🙂
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted…Taste Testing Sojos Baked Treats And Give-AwayMy Profile

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