Planning to Get a New Puppy or Kitten for the holidays? Prepare for their 3 Most Common Health Issues

Trupanion shares the 3 most common health issues in a puppy and kitten’s first year of life, to help families prepare for their new four-legged arrival this holiday season.

The holiday season is a popular time for spending and gift giving, there’s no doubt about it. Spending on pets is no exception. According to cat and dog breeders, mid-December is their busiest time of year. Families plan for the arrival of new puppies and kittens during their school aged child’s winter break from school, to give them ample time to spend with their new four-legged friend.


When welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home, it’s imperative to plan for their health expenses too. You wouldn’t want to ruin your holiday budget on an unexpected veterinary bill for the new addition.


Puppies and kittens are prone to accidents and illnesses in their first year of life as they explore the new world around them. Trupanion reports they have paid over 15,000 claims related to new puppy and new kitten accidents and illnesses. This cost pet owners across North America over $1 million in 2013 alone.


Trupanion shares the three most common health issues for new puppies and kittens that could cost their owners almost $3,000. It’s best to enroll a pet in health insurance at a young age and can soften the blow of veterinary expenses to help give families peace of mind, especially during the already stressful holiday season.

For more information on pet health insurance for your new puppy or kitten please visit  or 


About Trupanion®
Trupanion is an industry leader in pet insurance, offering cat and dog insurance in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico with the mission of delivering financial peace of mind to pet owners. Trupanion offers a simple, customizable pet insurance policy with 90% coverage for diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, hospital stays, and alternative therapies for the treatment of injuries or illnesses. Trupanion’s policy includes coverage of hereditary and congenital conditions with no payout limits per incident, per year, or over the lifetime of the pet.


In the United States, Trupanion is underwritten by the American Pet Insurance Company, which has earned a Financial Stability Rating® of A, Exceptional; from Demotech, Inc. In Canada Trupanion is underwritten by Omega General Insurance Company. Trupanion is a founding member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), demonstrating a commitment to high standards and transparency in all actions and products. For more information please visit


In full Disclosure:We were not compensated for this post. We happen to HAVE pet insurance through Trupanion and when we were sent this post asking if we would share with our readers, we were more than happy to do so!


  1. sara, oreo and chewy says:

    Insurance for pets can be really great! I think the key is to sign up the moment you bring them home. That way you don’t have the issue of “pre-existing conditions”. Too bad Affordable Care Act couldn’t get rid of that clause with pet insurance 🙂

  2. I hope “being prepared” will work wonders to create nothing to be prepared for. It works that way a lot of time. We also propose to adopt early before all the hoopla starts so everyone is comfortable and adjusted.
    Jobi and Fisher recently posted…Feelin’ GroovyMy Profile

  3. Insurance can be a really great idea for pets!
    houndstooth recently posted…A Very Scary ExperienceMy Profile

  4. Sounds like a great product. Thanks for sharing.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Monday Mischief–The Yard Is Not A Snack BarMy Profile

  5. I have been really pondering pet insurance lately. I will have to check into this company.

  6. Great information to share Dakota. I think a lot of people get confused and nervous about getting pet insurance and this helps pet parents to do some homework and get great information…and in turn hopefully help keep pets healthy and in the homes where they are loved! Two big woofs and a wag for this post! xo

  7. Great share. I’m one for encouraging pet insurance in all circumstances. It’s worth the peace of mind alone!
    Rachael recently posted…We HEART AutumnMy Profile

  8. I think an insurance makes really sense. So much things are possible to save the life of pets, even dialysis or alternative medecine, so to have a pet insurance can be important.
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog POOP PATROL MONDAYMy Profile

  9. Dakota,
    Sounds to me like this company is just trying to put people off getting a pet. It’s ok to get a pup or kitten for Christmas, as long as you look after it life long. And anyway, these things could happen when you buy a dog or cat any time of the year, there’s nothing different about Christmas. I guess it’s all just advertising techniques!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pippa 🙂
    Pippa Sheltie recently posted…Luminous Leg-itsMy Profile

  10. Don’t forget to prepare for your own health issues – like high blood pressure when you find your sandals destroyed!

  11. emma says:

    All three of us dogs have insurance for those illness/accident occasions. We have VPI, but have thought about Trupanion. So far VPI pays off almost every year just from small stuff that adds up.
    emma recently posted…Poop Patrol | GBGV | #ScoopThatPoopMy Profile

  12. Pamela says:

    I’ve chosen not to buy health insurance for my dogs over the years. But I do self-insure by keeping money aside for emergencies. It never hurts to be over prepared.
    Pamela recently posted…Don’t Know What to Do? Do Anything: Good for the Dog; Good for YouMy Profile

  13. Great information to share and pawfect timing! Way to go Dakota
    Cathy C. Bennett recently posted…MELLOW MONDAYSMy Profile

  14. When our vet retires, we will look at pet insurance, until then, having a great friend who is a vet is the best insurance!
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted…Mischief Monday – Unequal distribution of love – by LeeMy Profile

  15. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Good tips

  16. Thanks for sharing good info.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~Turd ScooperMy Profile

  17. Great info Dakota, with two Newfs that are always out playing and going on woods walks. We have them both insured. We might compare out insurance with Trupanion though 🙂
    tylersat99 recently posted…Black and White Sunday – MicaMy Profile

  18. I really like how Trupanion tracks the insurance claims and works to raise public awareness about those illnesses and injuries. Foreign body ingestion is a big one. Chester had to have surgery for it at 6 months. Although super healthy, he has some digestive issues now that he is older. My vet agrees that it could have something to do with the scar tissue build up from the surgery.
    Jessica@YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner recently posted…Get Ready for Your Winter Adventure with Sierra Trading Post (giveaway)My Profile

  19. Jan K says:

    We are going to be getting a puppy! Insurance is something that we are considering, so glad to know about this company.
    Jan K recently posted…This ‘N That Thursday – Books & PuppiesMy Profile

  20. We have Trupanion pet insurance and it’s an amazing product and I’m so excited that we have it. We’ll be adopting a new puppy and he (or she) will be immediately added to our policy.
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Dog Lovers Will Love the Book The Stolen Dog by Tricia O’MalleyMy Profile

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